The University of Michigan Women's Glee Club is traveling to South Africa to participate in the 2012 Ihlombe! Festival, where we will be joining hundreds of other choral enthusiasts to sing, explore Africa, and share our cultures.

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

How many United airport reps does it take to get to Africa?

Hello there everyone! Today has been nothing less than stressful. Firstly we had weather complications that lead to ultimately missing our connection from Dulles to Johannesburg. The United representatives lead us on a goose chase' first where we were going to fly in NYC to stay overnight and fly to Africa in the morning. Then we were changed to an immediate fligt to Newark which was supposed to lead us to Zurich then to Johannesburg after a ten hour layover. Upon arrival to Newark we found out that we would be unable to all fit on the flight from Zurich and had to fly to Dulles. Here we're are now, staying in the Fairfield Inn overnight to try to make the flight in the evening. Overall, this has absolutely been an adventure. After some greasy airport dinners, laughs on our multiple tiny planes, and discussion of alternate personalities/ aliases (queen frosty), I can safely say " at least we've bonded". I'm looking forward to a hopefully smooth day of travel tomorrow. Woo!!! :)

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  1. Sounds like a trying but fun time! I hope all your travels are safe today!